Ads-Assure was born out of a need to enable vernacular publishers to monetise their sites and platforms effectively.


    we realised that publishers who publish content in languages other than Hindi and English were unable to monetise their site effectively. So even though these publishers commanded great brand loyalty and high customer engagement, they were still not getting their due when it came to realising their true earning potential.

In the course of pursuing this, we partnered with Google and became a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Our team set about working on a range of solutions and services to expand the offering of Ads-Assure from vernacular publishers to publishers of all languages, sizes, content types and publishing genres.

    Ads-Assure.com  enables print publishers to enhance their Digital Distribution via websites, mobile and tablets.

Both of these products are always being developed and enhanced to bring in the latest features and keep with the trends.

Today we work with many of India’s largest publishers, to enable them to deliver world class content experiences for them, and in the course of that, “Unlock their true earning potential”.

We work in close tandem with the online partnership team at Google, to extend their reach to the publishers and be a one point contact for publishers for their monetisation needs.